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The Zombie Plan

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Zombies. You know you've thought about it. The walking dead dragging themselves down the street coming for you and yours. No chance right? But what if it actually happened? Well wonder no more, we'll get you ready. Coincidentally a zombie kit has a lot in common with a standard Emergency Kit that we should all have. In this post we'll examine some items that everyone should have readily available at all times for whatever crisis may occur.

The Water. First and foremost, whether an earthquake, tornado, or yes, zombies, water is the most important resource that we have in a crisis. You're going to want to have an ample water supply available. Keep water bottles/jugs at the ready at all times. But what if you need to leave your home? What if you can't take enough water with you? Enter the Life Straw. This particular product is cheap and simple. It allows you to safely drink from any available water source. Forget boiling, forget rain collection, just simply put the Life Straw in any available water and drink. It's pretty amazing, and great to have in the event of an emergency. 9/10.

The Knife. I typically advocate carrying smaller pocket knives to go about your EDC tasks, but in a disaster, that philosophy goes out the window. You'll want a big sturdy fixed blade, full tang knife that can handle whatever the world has to offer. My personal preference is the Ka-Bar Becker BK2. It is sturdy, reliable, and non-serrated. You could find no better companion in the worst case scenario. Zombies hate it too. 9/10

The Saw. If you're going to end up fending for yourself in the wild, you're going to want a saw. A knife is not a saw. DO NOT get a serrated knife and imagine that it is a saw. There are a great many folding saws available that can fit in your Bugout bag without issue. This item will be essential for crafting a shelter, cutting firewood, and clearing brush. The one I'm testing out right now is the Corona RS 7265D RazorTooth Folding Pruning Saw. It has a 10in blade and can cut through wood up to 6in thick without issue and only costs around $20. 8.5/10 (so far...we'll see how it holds up over time)

The Shelter. So we all know that there are many many commercially available tents that can withstand the winds of Mt. Everest. That is not what this post is about. This post is about keeping yourself safe in a pinch with what you can carry on your back. With that in mind. Get a tarp and some paracord. You can erect a basic shelter that will keep the worst of the elements off you and take up nearly no space. You will need a place to sleep though. Enter the Tact Bivvy. This little sleeping bag weighs in at a miniscule 4.8oz and will reflect 90% of your natural body heat back to you. It is so teeny tiny that it will virtually disappear in your pack. Put a Tact Bivvy inside a tarp shelter erected with Paracord and you will be just fine. Throw some branches on top of the tarp to keep even more heat in if necessary...good thing you brought that saw.8/10

The Fire. If you're going to be surviving the zombie apocalypse, you're going to need fire. Typically I advocate carrying a butane lighter for "just in case" moments, but your emergency kit should not be based on lighters working. You should certainly still carry it, but you're going to want something more "organic" to make sure you have fire available when you need it. I prefer to use a ferro rod to ignite kindling and build my fire up from there. I'm currently using the Texas Bushcraft Firestarter. It comes with a ferro rod, striker, and paracord lanyard to make sure the components stay together. If you can gather kindling, you can start a fire. 9/10

The Food. If you need to bug out into the great wide world, you're going to want to have at least a few days worth of food with you. You, unlike your undead adversaries, do not crave brains. Now don't plan for any sort of world class meal, this is simply to keep you alive. Something high in calories that takes up little space. If you want something that will keep you going and taste ok, look into the Wise Company. They are an industry leader in survival food and the meals taste pretty good, all things considered. I will admit to eating one now and again just because I've been too lazy to cook. Now keep in mind, if you need to be in the wilderness for long, you could not possible carry enough food with you, this is just to sustain you until you get back on your feet.

The Sustenance. You're going to survive the zombie apocalypse right? Well you're going to need a form of food that can be replenished. Enter fishing. Bring a gill net. The one I am testing out now has been successful in catching fish across small rivers. It is also advertised as being useful as a snare for land-based game. I have not tried out that particular functionality, but I will soon, plus, if fish keep coming in, why would I need to?

The Weapon. When you bugout, you're going to want a weapon with you. You should have you sidearm of choice obviously, along with some extra mags and ammo, but for a survival weapon, you may want to carry something a little different as well. This breaks the mould a bit in that it will not fit in your pack, but my go-to for a survival weapon is a Ruger 10/22. It will be able to score you fresh game, as well as providing some zombie defense. You can get one for around $300 if you choose a base model, but there are also a ton of upgrades you can look into if you like. The .22 rifle is an extremely versatile choice for survival, and you can carry a huge number of rounds without adding too much weight. Sure there are "better" rifles, but if you want a bare bones gun to grab and go, I swear by the Ruger 10/22.

The Multitool. Pack one. You're going to want a multitool at some point in your survival adventure. You never know when you are going to need it, and that is exactly why you need it. I am partial to the Leatherman brand myself. You cannot possibly go wrong with the Leatherman Wave. It is tried and true and can take a beating. It is not fancy, but we're not trying to be fancy right?

The Fist Aid. This is not a glamorous addition to the pack, but you're going to want to have it. Accidents happen. Being able to patch yourself up may be the difference between thriving and failing. It's amazing how something as basic as a cut on your dominant hand can make life so much more difficult in the woods. This is a standard issue first aid kit available from Amazon, but trust're going to want to be able to stop bleeding if something happens.

The Pack. All of this gear needs to go somewhere right? Well here it is. This is a big military style bag. This is not for you daily chores. This is for when you need to go and take the essentials with you. Zombies are coming, a tornado ripped up your street, a hurricane flooded your block, whatever. You're going to want a big comfortable pack to carry everything you need. Here it is.

Bonus Item. You want some post-apocalyptic extra credit? Awesome. Bring this Gerber Gator Machete. What do you need it for? Anything and everything. Need to clear some thick brush? Great. Need to clear some undead? That's great too. This Gerber model is rugged, reliable, and affordable at around $25. I take mine with me any time I'm in some more overgrown areas. It's mostly used for clearing branches out of the way, but honestly? There is something reassuring about carrying a machete when you're alone in the wilderness. This one is particularly handy as it comes with a serrated back side, so it can also function as a saw. You won't regret having it along if you anticipate ending up in the woods. It also can help you maintain your knife blade by taking care of a lot of the heavier tasks.

Well there it is. Whether it be zombies or hurricanes, if you follow these tips you'll be ready for whatever comes your way.

-EDC Junkie

Feel Free to comment on all the items you would add to this bugout checklist.

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