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Review: The Morakniv Companion- Quality on a Budget

Hey All,

Now I'm going to throw in my 2 cents on a product that I think that everybody should have at least one of. The Morakniv Companion. This is a fixed blade utility knife that can be had for around $20. It's manufactured by a company out of Mora, Sweden, and they have been at it since the late 1800s.

For the sake of this review, I'm going to be discussing the base model Morakniv Companion in Military Green, however there are many many varieties to choose from.

So what is it? The Morakniv Companion is basically a "do everything knife". It has a 4.1in Sandvik Stainless Steel clip-point blade, a rubberized grip, and a matching plastic sheath.

The purpose of this knife is to do everything you need done with only one tool. Food prep, collecting tinder, breaking down packages, cutting rope, whatever...This knife can do it all. Also, at a relatively low price-point, this is a knife you don't need to feel bad about beating up.

The Sandvik Stainless steel is admittedly not the best knife steel in the world, but for less than $20 it's great. It is also able to handle whatever sort of environment you might need it for, as it is very rust resistant, and the plastic sheath is easy to drain and clean should it end up in dirt or mud.

My most common use for these knives is for food prep when camping. Each person carries their own, and it's easy to keep track of whose is whose thanks to the many color options available. Slicing, dicing, even filleting a is extremely useful. Sure you can use them for just about anything, but personally, I like to have a designated food prep knife when I'm camping. Specifically a fixed blade knife that is easy to use and keep clean.

Now, I wouldn't recommend making this an EDC choice if you care about fashion, as the sometimes brightly colored plastic sheaths aren't the most stylish, but around the house, in the woods, or wherever you may be, these knives are the perfect all in one solution. I first bought one in 2012 and have purchased many more since. They also make great little gifts.

Overall, if you want great value and functionality, the Morakniv Companion might be for you. The link to my preferred model is below.

Rating: 7.5/10

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