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Review: OLIGHT S2R II Flashlight

Today I'm going to be reviewing a little flashlight that I picked up not too long ago but have come to really like. Th II.

When choosing a flashlight to use for EDC, the first thing you should do is think about what you expect to need it for. Do you work outdoors at night? Well you'll probably want to carry a pretty serious light. Do you work 9-5 in an office or at home? Then a decent keychain light might be enough for you. This is a light that falls right in the middle.

When I select an EDC light, I like to choose one that will not be bulky and annoying to carry, but is also substantial enough that I feel comfortable enough taking it out on a dark night should the need arise.

At 3.94in long, and .9in wide, this light is compact enough to comfortably fit in just about any pocket. It also weighs is at just under 3.5oz, so it is pretty unnoticeable in your pocket. Really, it's just slightly larger than the rechargeable 3200 MAH 3.6V 18650 battery that powers it. That was what originally drew me to this light. I love 18650 batteries. They are powerful, rechargable, and provide a lot of juice for how small they are.

Another great design feature is the magnetic tail on the back of this light. It's pretty strong, and surprisingly useful. That is also how you charge the light. The custom magnetic charger (included in the box) attaches to the tail end, and can plug into any USB port.

As for the lighting itself, it is activated with a side-switch with a built in battery indicator (Green, Yellow, Red to show how much battery life is left) and several lighting modes all the way up to 1150 lumens. This is incredibly bright for a light of this size, and it will get a little warm. The beam itself is a little on the "flood" side for my taste, but it does a great job lighting up any are you may need to work in, indoors or out.

Finally, the one thing that bugs me a bit about the OLIGHT S2R II. The pocket clip. It looks sleek, it sits nice and deep in your pocket. It's just a little loose. Not terrible, but a little annoying. On the plus side, they do include 2 clips that can be replaced. One blue, and one black. I like the blue one a lot and have not had reason to replace it, but you can if you like.

Overall, this is a great EDC light for most people, myself included. It is high quality construction, light enough to take anywhere, and bright enough to handle almost any situation. It's going for around $70 on Amazon right now (link is below if you're interested).

Rating: 8.5/10

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