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Review: Leatherman Squirt PS4- The Best Keychain Multi Tool

In this review I'm going to be discussing a category of multitool that is extremely popular. The keychain multitool. I love a full sized multi tool as much as anyone and carry one almost daily, however for many people it's either not necessary, or they simply don't want to carry something that big on their belt or in their pocket. Enter, the keychain multitool. Now, there are a lot of cheapo keychain tools out there that promise to do everything you could ever need. Fix your car? Sure. Chop wood? Why not? Build a motorcycle? Definitely...But we all know that is simply not realistic. That being said, it is possible to find a good tool small enough to carry with your keys, yet do most of the little tasks you need done. My favorite tool for this is the Leatherman Squirt PS4.

As I said before, don't plan on doing anything too intense with something this small. No matter how well it is constructed, there are simply physical limitations on something the size of your thumb. With that in mind, remember this...the tool you have is the tool you can use. If you leave your full size tool at home all the time because you don't like carrying it, it does not matter how good it is...but you can always have this little Leatherman at the ready though.

I first got mine in 2014 and have been using the same one on a regular basis since. I like the blue one personally, but they offer a variety of colors. This is the tool that finally made me rethink my constantly carrying a Swiss Army Knife. Why? Pliers. You're going to find a lot of overlaps in tools of this size Little blade, screwdrivers, scissors, etc (this model includes 9 tools total)...but few will go so far as to include a quality pair of pliers. Leatherman did though...and they made them spring loaded, which is such a nice touch. With this great little tool weighing in at a ultra light 1.9oz, and measuring in at a teeny tiny 2.25in closed, that is a pretty amazing feature.

Don't let the weight and size fool you though. This is solid metal construction, and the fit and finish are great. Everything is tight, nothing wiggles, there is no blade play. Obviously all the tools are small, but it holds up far better than you would expect from something this size.

I'm not going to discuss any sort of wood cutting or rope cutting tasks that I have put the Leatherman Squirt PS4 through, because it is not for that. It is intended to do the little tasks that pop up unexpectedly. Opening packages, tightening screws, tightening a small bolt, cutting zip ties, filing small rough edges, opening a bottle, will do great. I highly recommend everyone carry one of these, whether you are a gear nut like me or not. Everyone will be able to find multiple uses for it as soon as they get it. They also don't break the bank, going at around $40 on Amazon right now (link is below if you want the exact model I have)

Rating: 9/10 (I love it)

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