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Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Hi Again Folks,

For my first set of reviews here, I wanted to do something I know a lot of others love doing. I'm going to empty my pockets right now and let you all know about what my EDC looks like today.

The first thing most people want to hear about when discussing and EDC is the knife. I HIGHLY recommend having some sort of cutting implement on your person at all times (where permitted...don't carry it in the airport!). If you don't already carry a knife, try it will be shocked at how much you end up using it. For me, a giant blade is not necessary for most of my everyday tasks, so I look for something less that 4in long typically. Right now I'm carrying the Benchmade 940-2. This knife has a 3.4in blade and a weight of 2.65oz, making it easy to slip into a jeans pocket. It has a black G10 handle, cpm-s30v steel (a very good knife steel), and a great reverse tanto blade shape. One of the best features is the famous Benchmade axis lock which will hold it open pretty much no matter what you do with it. It also allows for one handed opening and closing, which is important for me in an EDC knife. I have never experienced any blade play over years of hard use, and no matter how many other knives I try, I keep coming back to this one. It is a little pricey at around $170USD on Amazon right now, but trust me, you are paying a premium price for a premium product. This knife will not let you down and will last for years to come. 9.5/10

Aside from a knife, I also always have a flashlight on my person. As I said with the knife, if you don't already carry a light, try it. You'll be amazed at how much you end up using it. I typically look for a light with a pocket clip, and one that is not too heavy. I have had more lights than I can count, and love collecting them. Now in my job in a manufacturing environment, I use my light a little more often than the average person, so I always make sure to get one with a rechargeable 18650 battery to avoid constantly replacing costly CR123-As, or weak AAs. Right now I'm carrying the Fenix PD35 V2. It goes up to 1000 lumens on the brightest setting, and has 4 other brightness settings plus a strobe mode. It is powered on and off with a tail switch, and the brightness is adjusted with a button on the side. Sure, there are other lights that can get much brighter than that, but this is still extremely bright, and honestly, you really don't need any more than that for most daily tasks. One of the most important features for me is that it has a setting memory, meaning that whatever setting you leave it on is the one it will be on when you turn it back down. The battery life is great, and it comes with a micro-USB rechargeable 18650 battery and charging cord. It can also take a hit. I have dropped this thing more times than I can count and have never once so much as scratched the paint. it is currently going for around $80USD on Amazon. 9/10

The wallet. You need one at all times for your essentials, cards, IDs, insurance cards, maybe some cash. The issue with a lot of wallets is that they end up being so thick, you feel like you're sitting on an angle at all times. Enter the Travando money clip wallet. This thing got my attention because of how thin it is. I often have to double check that I even have it because this thing is so thin. It has 7 card slots plus a money clip in a bi-fold design. I have the black carbon variety myself and it looks great. My favorite feature of this wallet is that one of the card slots is accessible from the outside with a thumb slit, allowing you to slide out your most used card without even opening it. Also important is the RFID shielding built in, to prevent any would be thieves from skimming your information. 8.5/10

The phone. We all have one. Not super exciting on this one obviously. I carry and iPhone XS Max. It works, it does what it's supposed to. is fragile. I carry it in an Otterbox case and have no issues. I highly recommend and Ottherbox case for all of your phone protection needs. 9/10 (all Otterbox products..they're great)

The multitool. A lot of people tend to debate whether having a multitool on your person as part of your EDC is actually necessary. The opponents of the multitool like to talk about how it's heavy, takes up space, and people rarely make use of all the tools. I disagree. However, this is a personal EDC choice that everyone needs to make. Some people have lifestyles that would have little to no use for a multitool, and in that case, I would advise that you skip it. They can be a little heavy and take up some space. I however use one multiple times a day. The Leatherman Free P2 is what I am currently carrying. It has the usual assortment of Leatherman tools, but the feature that really sold me on it was the magnetic hold that keeps it closed. This allows you to open it one handed by simply breaking the magnetic seal to deploy the pliers. The pliers themselves also have replaceable wire cutters built in. The other great thing? The pliers are the only tool you need to open it to deploy. All of the other tools are accessible from the outside. It also comes with a pocket clip. I find that it fits perfectly in the change pocket of my jeans, so no sheath necessary. At around $120USD on Amazon right now, I consider it a pretty good value. 8.5/10

The keys. Once again something we all carry. I don't do anything fancy with mine currently. I have a simple keyring and a hunter orange paracord keychain on it to make it easy to grip, and see, should I drop them.

The pen. I always like to carry a pen. Do I use it a lot? Not really. Do I feel better having it? Yes...and that is a big part of what EDC is all about. Plus, when you need a pen, there are not a lot of alternatives to good old fashioned ink. I currently carry the Smootherpro bolt action pen in stainless steel. It writes incredibly smoothly and is compatible with standard G2 ink refills. Being a bolt action pen, it is also a great little fidget toy if you're bored and need to fiddle with something. Finally...this is advertised as a tactical product and has a glass breaker on the tail end. It probably works for that purpose to some degree, but I would not consider this a primary tactical's more of a perk. Really it's just a nice pen, so accept it for what it is. 8/10.

The Pistol. I know, I know...a lot of people would have opened with this. Not me though. That is because this is the last EDC item I ever intend to use. I don't expect to need it, but I believe in being prepared. I love to spend an afternoon at the range but honestly only a few of my current collection are really suitable for my EDC. I'm currently carrying my trusty Smith & Wesson M&P Shield in 9mm. You can usually get one for $400-500 depending on where you are. I carry it in an inside the waistband Urban Carry G3 holster. This is an interesting little holster and it is pretty new to me. A few trusted associates have suggested that I try it out, so I am. A full review of this holster is pending, but I will say this. It is extremely comfortable. The link is below if you want to see it for yourselves.

Whelp...there you have it! That is what I have on me today. This is a pretty typical day for me, but I try out so much gear, that the items rotate in an out quite a bit. This is probably my go-to setup though.

Is there something specific you'd like me to review? Let me know in the comments.


EDC Junkie

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